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Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/20/14

If you struggled this past week catching bass, it’s because we have once again gone through some drastic weather changes and these weather changes really shocked the fish into making some drastic moves. The early part of the week with the full moon upon us the expectation was a big move to the shallows for a big wave of fish moving up for the spawn; but the weather change shocked their system and they spawned at medium depths or moved back out to the deeper water.

We adjusted all week to keep in contact with the bass and it was the only way we could find size and numbers, one day they were in 3 feet of water and the next day we were catching them in 20 ft. of water. Constant adjustments were the only way to find them, but if you did there were some great rewards with big fish and good numbers.
Most of our fish early in the week came on Tight-Line jigs, Missile bait D-bombs they as weather progressed out deep we had to fish SPRO Little John DD 70 crank baits so we could fish the water from 14 to 20 ft. Big adjustments but big rewards.

Fishing remains great as long as you adjusted to the elements. Come fish with me I have days and guides available to fish with you.

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